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  • Sit Harness Karam Rhino Adventure PN 51(A)

    Sit Harness Karam Rhino Adventure PN 51(A)

    Sit Harness Karam Rhino Adventure PN 51(A)

    KARAM Rhino Range of Safety Harnesses comes in the catchy combination of Green and Black. Equipped with unique features that provide full comfort and ergonomics to the wearer, this range of Harnesses withstands the highest test of Safety standards as laid out in the European Norms, and is CE Certified.


    Option of captive pin on request
    KARAM offers the Harnesses that comes with the Screw-Locking Karabiner PN 112(C) (With captive pin), permanently attached to the dorsal D-ring of the Harness.
    A damaged Lanyard can be easily removed from the Dorsal-Ding and replaced by a fresh one when using such a Karabiner.

    This range is available on all the KARAM Harness models and are referred to as Model Ref No. with ‘K’ eg : PN 12( K), PN 22( K) etc.


    This Extension Band allows the user to easilyconnect to or disengage from himself the dorsal attachment D-Ring without any external help. This Unique Optional Extension Band (made of 30cm Length webbing) on the Dorsal Attachment D-Ring is provided on request on all models of KARAM Harnesses.
       Important – It is advisable to use a lanyard of length less than 1.5m if an Extension Band equipped Harness is used.


    Adventure Sit Harness
    Ref : PN 51 (A)

    • This Harness is used by mountaineers, tree-climbers and loggers, for positioning and rope access.
    • This Harness is equipped with light weight Aluminum D-Rings.
    • Consists of two lateral D-rings for Work positioning and Ventral D-ring for Rope access.
    • Adjustable Thigh Straps & Waist Belt.
    • With wide and semi-rigid waist belt for excellent support.
    • The waist belt and the leg straps are provided with a soft padding that provide best possible comfort to the wearer.
    • The two lateral attachment points equally distributes the weight around the waist belt for comfort when leaning back.
    • For comfort, the ventral attachment distributes the weight evenly between the waist belt and the leg loops during suspension work.
    • Conforms to EN 358:1999 & EN 813:2008.

    KARAM PN 51 (A) is a Sit Harness, and is not a Harness for fall protection.