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  • Baricade Tape / Police Line

    Baricade Tape / Police Line

    Baricade Tape / Police Line

    Barricade tape is used according to the color specifications set by OSHA and ANSI. Barricade tape may be use primarily as a safety precaution for various industries and procedures.

    Construction Tape – is used in construction zones to notify people about ongoing construction and that there are possible hazards within the demarcated area. Construction tape usually employs a yellow-black color combination and incorporates printed text, such as “Under Construction”, “Caution”, “Work Zone”, and “Keep Out” (among others). This type of barrier tape is commonly found at the site of renovations, demolition, and minor repairs.

    Hazard Tape – is used in locations containing a substantial danger. Examples include electrocution hazards or areas within which there is a risk of exposure to toxic chemicals. Hazard tape is available in different color combinations, each of which indicates certain classes of threat. For example, yellow-black tape is used to signal the presence of a physical hazard (e.g., a hole), while magenta-yellow denotes a radiation hazard. This type of barrier tape is commonly used in laboratories, production areas, and industrial zones.

    Traffic Control Device Tape – this type of barrier tape, as its name implies is used to control traffic, whether foot traffic or vehicle traffic. Traffic control device tapes are used as temporary traffic signal to redirect traffic during parade or whenever a road is closed. These are usually brightly colored, either in solid orange or orange-white combination.

    Police Tape or Law Enforcement Tape – this type of barrier tape is used to isolate, protect and preserve a crime scene. Police tape is used to notify the public that an investigation is on going and that a particular area is restricted. This is usually seen with a yellow-white, yellow-black or blue-white color combination.

    Firefighter Tape – serves the same purpose as police tape and hazard tape. Firefighter tape is used to isolate a particular area during or after a fire to keep the public away from fire-related risks (e.g., smoke inhalation, airborne particulate matter, and damaged structures).

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